The Lord exalts the humble: the song of Hanna

The Lord exalts the humble: the song of Hanna

The childhood of the prophet Samuel is told in the first books that bear his name. This story allows the reader of the Bible to know Anne, a figure of a woman and mother among the most interesting of all the scriptures. She is described as a woman of faith.Elkanah her husband has two wives and Anne Pennina. The presence of the second wife may explain that Anne did not give children to her husband, he would have taken a second wife to get a descent, as had done before him Abraham and Jacob . Anne made a fervent prayer in an annual pilgrimage to Shiloh: she asked God to do that sterility is healed. His pain of not being a mother was even larger than Peninnah had several children and are not deprived of sarcasm to the first wife.

Anne prayer was a prayer noteworthy because it was a silent prayer. The priest Eli, the priest of Shiloh sanctuary, watching Anne whose lips were moving, and he thought she was drunk. At a time when prayer was always called aloud the personal and private prayer Anne was therefore an innovation. It was viewed with skepticism by the priest, but visibly Anne prayed with the conviction that God listened to the prayer of a poor woman, even if she was not praying according to the usual schemes of action of his time controlled by the competent authority. His manner seemed to make an anticipation of the word of the prophets who questioned the formalism of Israel’s worship. Anne unites his thanksgiving to the warriors who conquered the Holy Land to Israel. The translation comes from a version of the seventeenth century by the Master of Sacy.

1 My heart leaped for joy in the Lord,
And my God raised my glory
My mouth opened to answer my enemies,
because I am pleased me in the salvation that I have received from you

2 There is none holy as the Lord,
because there is no Lord, other than you,
And no one is strong as our God

3 Cease then in the future to glory with insolent words
Your old language comes out of your mouth,
because the Lord is the God of all knowledge,
And it penetrates the substance of thoughts

4 The bows of the mighty is broken, and the weak force were filled

5 They that were previously filled with good things, were rented for bread,
And those who were eager to hunger, were filled
She who was barren has become a mother of many children
And one that had many children fell into impotence to have

6 It is the Lord who takes away and gives life,
That leads to hell and who withdraws

7 The Lord makes poor and makes rich,
It was he who lowers and raises

8 He shoots the poor from the dust and the needy manure
to sit among princes,
and give him the throne of glory.
It is the Lord belong the foundations of the earth
And he has set the world on them

9 He will keep the feet of his saints,
And the wicked will be silenced in their darkness,
because man shall not be established by his own power.

10 The enemies of the Lord shall be afraid of him; he thunder on them from heaven.
The Lord will judge all the earth;
it will give the empire to the one he made king
and he will give glory to the reign of his Christ.

Prayer of Anne as a mother summarizes the events. God answered his request to be relieved of infertility. The union of Elkanah and Anne finally gave life to that Anne has named Samuel. She did act of authority by giving his name to the child, her husband has graciously accepted, it seems. He will accept the same way the realization of the hope that his wife professed, the one to dedicate the child to God for the sanctuary service. She had expressed his intention by telling Elkanah: When the child is weaned, I will take him: presented to the Lord, and he will remain there forever.

Anne did not want to participate in the annual pilgrimage as Samuel was not weaned.This was probably a precautionary measure so that we did not have to find a wet nurse.The first book of Samuel tells the journey of Anne, from Elkanah and child in Shiloh. It highlights the great value of the sacrifice of thanksgiving was offered because it was a bull of three years, a bag of flour and a bottle of wine. The couple showed so his gratitude to the Lord. Above all, Samuel child of the offering for the sanctuary service has shown an exceptional sincerity in the prayer of Anne, as the thought of Elkanah communion on that of their married life.

Today what conclusion? Dedicating a child to God for all his life, renouncing see it growing near you and meet rarely, is not an easy task. Although Samuel’s parents certainly had much confidence in Eli, the priest, educator Samuel, we guess that the couple’s decision to fulfill the vow Anne was difficult. One can admire the dialogue of the couple in the common decision for their child. A solid fund faith in the Lord may have helped the project of the couple. This is a very current lesson. One can add that the prayer of the mother gave words to the Magnificat of Mary mother of Jesus

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