Must We Be Baptized For The Forgiveness Of Our Sins?

Paul was not told “to pray the sinners prayer and ask Jesus to come into his heart in order to be saved.” This is foreign to the scripture. You cannot find anywhere in the Bible where anyone was ever told to do this. Since God in the Bible has never told anyone “To pray and ask Jesus to come into your heart in order to be saved”, who else but men could have come up with such an idea? Forgiveness occurs in the mind of God and not on the basis of man’s feeling in his heart. Only when we have done what God has said that we must do, will God forgive our sins. We cannot devise our own plan as to how our sins are to be forgiven. Do not misunderstand. We do not “earn” our salvation by being baptized. Salvation is a gift from God. Even though salvation is a free gift from God, he has laid down certain conditions upon which he will give it. One condition to receive his gift is faith: Hebrews 11:6, “whithout fait it is impossible to please Him” These are God’s conditions. Believing in God and Christ with all our heart, repenting of all our sins, confessing Christ and being baptized are allequally important to our salvation. If any of these are lacking, then we will not be saved. You can’t have one without the others There is nothing that we can do to merit salvation. Whether it be believing in Jesus or being baptized, we can never “earn our salvation”. The only way we can show our faith in Christ is if we are willing to accept and obey what He says.  But it is in baptism that God has chosen to impart his wonderful grace of salvation to us as a willing believer.