Do people hate you on sight?

Do people hate you on sight?

Did you ever wonder why some people hate you as soon as they lay eyes on you?

It could be a new social group (school, church, etc), or a job interview, or a new neighborhood.

They do not know you. They have not spoken to you, in any meaningful way yet. You have not done anything wrong. But the look in their eyes is total disgust orrepulsion.

You suddenly feel insecure, or uncomfortable around these people, and you can feel the coldness.

You are definitely in trouble. And it will not go away. Do not delude yourself.

This is NOT a personality clash. You have not yet revealed your personality to them, so this is not it.

When someone hates you as soon as they see you, it is because they themselves have demons, who recognize the holy spirit who covers you.

Then the demons influence the person who has them, and you get a negative reaction.

This is a spiritual situation, and the spirits involved are notthose of the humans present.

Spirits can communicate with each other, without the humans knowing about it.

*** Note: This is how psychics work. They have demons who get information about you, from the demons hovering near you, or assigned to you. Then, the demon reveals the information to the psychic, who then gives you a reading.

In the diagram below, the positive (+) person has the Holy Spirit (yellow). The negative person (-) has the demon (black). The two spirits over the people are aware of each other, and react to the other one.

The Holy Spirit is positive, but will be aware of the demon of the (-) person, and allow you to be uncomfortable. This is a warning to that something is wrong, and to avoid the other person – there is some danger. The (+) person reacts with discomfort.

The demon is aware of the “rejection” by the Holy Spirit, feels insulted, and reacts with anger, hate, rejection, also. The feelings are passed onto the (-) person, who feels justified in hating the (+) person, without knowing why. Their response will be irrational, and will be negative in general.

What to do:

If it is an optional relationship, you can just walk away, and dissociate yourself, thus protecting yourself from further rejection.

If the acceptance of the other person is critical, and not optional, then you must act.

Pray, and heed the direction of the Holy Spirit

Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, and ask for a hedge of protection to be put around you.

Request pray coverage from others, and ask them to stand in agreement with you.

Prayer of agreement:

Everyone cover you with the blood of Jesus, and ask the Father in Jesus name.

Everyone agree with you that you will find favor with people, and that God will bless you efforts.

May the Father God send angels to do battle for you, so that you can get some rest from the spiritual battle, be refreshed, and achieve the success you deserve.

Even if others do have demons, pray a veil over you, so that the demons will be blind to you, and unable to discern your spirit, and attack you.

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